Visit 9/11 Related Places

This is a list of the most important places related to the events of September 11, 2001. While visiting New York City we need to remember those who died in the terrorist attacks.

9/11 Memorial is a sanctuary, the place where Twin Towers once stood.

The White Rose #1::9/11 Memorial, New York, USA, August 2013::
The White Rose #1

9/11 Museum dedicated is to the victims of September 11, 2001, and to those who risked their lives to save others.

Entrance from the 9/11 Memorial

Ladder 3 Truck::9/11 Museum, New York<br />September 2014::
Ladder 3 Truck

FDNY Memorial Wall dedicated is to those firefighters who died while trying to save others.

Greenwich Street at the corner of Liberty St.

Firefighters' Relief::WTC, New York, USA<br /> August 2013::
Firefighters' Relief

Eleven Tears, is a monument in memory of American Express employees who died on that tragic day.

American Express Building at Brookfield Place (formerly World Financial Center)

... and Mother::World Financial Center, New York, USA<br /> August 2010::
... and Mother

Wavy-metal cross near St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, stands in the place where for several years stood temporarily, simple and covered with rust World Trade Center cross, which is in fact is a group of steel beams from the collapsed building. The latter was moved to its permanent location, the museum at Ground Zero area. A reflective, wavy-metal sculpture was made by Jon Krawczyk, a sculptor from California. An important part of this work of art is the book with 35 metal pages filled with names of September 11 victims.

Corner of Church St and Vesey St

Wavy-metal Sculpture::St. Peter's Church, New York, USA<br /> August 2011::
Wavy-metal Sculpture

Worth seeing is the Sphere, broken by collapsed buildings bronze sculpture in the shape of a globe by German sculptor Fritz Koenig. Recovered from the rubble, damaged work of art is currently standing at Battery Park by Hudson River.

Also, not to be missed is the St. Paul's Chapel, on the corner of Broadway and Fulton St, near the World Trade Center. This Episcopal chapel was the place where workers rested during the recovery effort after 9/11.

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