In the Footsteps of the Jesuit Missions

Living on the Beach

November 22-25

The Desert Morning::Baja California, Mexico::
The Desert Morning
La Fortuna Village::Baja California, Mexico::
La Fortuna Village

Baja California gives endless possibilities to stay among the nature. Wherever we stopped for the night, we were the only people in the area. There are no designated sites for travelers. You are free to stop anywhere and stay as long as you wish. We always felt free and all alone under the wide-open starry sky. The original owners of these lands, Native Indians are gone forever, but we felt their spirit around, the freedom of living in harmony with nature. We had no doubt; Baja is one of the last few, still untouched places on Earth.

Tribu Restaurant::La Paz, Baja California, Mexico::
Tribu Restaurant
El Tecolote Beach::La Paz, Baja California, Mexico::
El Tecolote Beach

We left the desert not without regret and headed to La Paz. Next Sunday, according to the plan, we wanted to cross the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez by ferry boat. Being in the city, it was a great opportunity to buy tickets in advance. We did so by going to the ferry dock located 13 miles/21 km outside La Paz. After buying tickets and a cabin, we searched for a suitable place to spend a night. We found El Tecolote beach. It was a sandy coastline north of town with many holidaymakers on the shore, RVs and pickups parked for a long time. Quite densely populated place, how different from those where we used to spend time so far. Our closest neighbors were travelers from Europe, Swiss, and Germans in their big 4x4 MAN trucks. They were there for a long time; we only stayed for one night.

Buenavista Beach::Buenavista, Baja California, Mexico::
Buenavista Beach
Crossing Tropic of Cancer::Buenavista, Baja California, Mexico::
Crossing Tropic of Cancer
Oil Change::San Jose Viejo, Baja California, Mexico::
Oil Change

The following night and almost entire day, we spent on the beach in Buenavista. In the evening, while going to Cabo, we crossed by car the Tropic of Cancer for the first time. The next day, near San Jose del Cabo, Balios had oil changed. We have been preparing for the MattÂ’s visit; this is why we wanted to spend the coming night in the close proximity of the airport. It took us some time to find the right place, mainly due to the fact, that we conducted the search in the dark. We were not able to assess the site until the next morning. It turned out that we stopped on a slope below the forest line. It was quiet but a hot place; throughout our stay, there was only one vehicle driving in the neighborhood. Early in the afternoon, we went to the airport and from there we went along with Matt to the hotel. In the next four days, we all expected a quiet and relaxing stay. We were excited, Thanksgiving was coming, and it was a time to rest after from the journeys by car in the wilderness of Baja.

Morning in the Mountains::La Laguna, Baja California, Mexico::
Morning in the Mountains

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