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Mesoamerica is a region where numerous pre-Columbian societies flourished. It stretches from Central Mexico in the north to Honduras and El Salvador in the south. Over the centuries, many different cultures rose and fell, transforming gradually into newer, more advanced civilizations. Lack of sufficient knowledge about these cultures leads us to a simplified interpretation of this part of Americas. What makes Mesoamerica unique with respect to other cultures in the USA and Canada, are stone structures. Our goal was to visit archeological sites of Mesoamerica and learn more about societies that no longer exit.

Trip Statistics:

Title of the expedition:
To find diversity in pre-Columbian societies and understand the impact of European contact
November - December 2016
Total distance driven of this trip:
11,861 km / 7,370 miles
Mesoamerican sites visited:
Olmec colossal heads:
Flat tires:
1   (it was a big nail)
Border crossings:

Preparations for the expedition:

Preparations focused on improving our expedition vehicle and its functionality while on the road. The major improvement was the replacement of the stock radio/CD player. Around Raspberry Pi, a credit card-sized single-board computer, I built an on-board unit with functions going beyond a car media center. I also redesigned water tank connectors and raised the suspension to handle the increased weight of the non-standard hardtop with sleeping quarters.

Photo Diary:

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