Back in Mexico

November 10-12

On Thursday, we left our home in the middle of the night. Early Saturday morning, after driving 2000 uneventful miles (3200 km) we were in Texas on the border with Mexico. Colombia Border Crossing was deserted. We obtained our visas in a record time. In 30 minutes, even Balios had its permit visible as big sticker on the windshield. After a year, we were back in Mexico.

Big sticker on the windshield::Colombia Border Crossing, USA to Mexico::
Big sticker on the windshield

We spend the rest of that rainy day driving south another 600 miles / 1000 km non-stop until we reached Ciudad Valles area in the Mexican state San Luis Potosi. It was after 10 PM. We needed some rest after three days on the road. We decided not to waste more time searching for a camp place. We stopped at Hotel Taninul Spa, took a room, had showers, and went to beds. That spa hotel turned out to be a terrible place, but at least we rested there a little bit. Thermal pool, natural cave, or people covering their bodies with mud did not impress us.

Natural cave::San Luis Potosi, Mexico::
Natural cave
Thermal pool::San Luis Potosi, Mexico::
Thermal pool
Body covered with mud::San Luis Potosi, Mexico::
Body covered with mud

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