Acadia Journey

Gaspe Peninsula

July 12-14

Camping in Forillon N.P.::Gaspe, Quebec, Canada::
Camping in Forillon N.P.
Cap-Gaspé::Gaspe, Quebec, Canada::
Winding Road::Gaspe, Quebec, Canada::
Winding Road
La Marte Lighthouse::Gaspe, Quebec, Canada::
La Marte Lighthouse

Large cities in the Gaspe Peninsula do not have the charm; the smaller towns are not interesting either. Picturesque is the road winding along the river of St. Lawrence. The main reason to visit Gaspe is nature. Forillon, the Canadian National Park is located in the northeastern tip of the peninsula. We have camped there for two nights. Days were spent on walking trails and visiting the native Indian Micmac interpretation center.

More images from that region in Gaspé gallery.

Cape Gaspe Lighthouse::Gaspe, Quebec, Canada::
Cape Gaspe Lighthouse
Le Nordais Windmills::Gaspe, Quebec, Canada::
Le Nordais Windmills
Cap de la Madeleine::Gaspe, Quebec, Canada::
Cap de la Madeleine

The real natural wonder in Gaspe Peninsula is the Perce Rock. It was our second visit to this place, but the excitement was the same. Red huge rock formation with natural arch surrounded by blue water makes this a unique place.

Percé Rock::Gaspe, Quebec, Canada::
Percé Rock
Our team in Fort Peninsula::Gaspe, Quebec, Canada::
Our team in Fort Peninsula
WWII Gun at Fort Peninsula::Gaspe, Quebec, Canada::
WWII Gun at Fort Peninsula

Fortifications from World War II period are extremely rare in North America. While traveling in Gaspe region we visited little known, built in 1942 Fort Peninsula. It is actually a coastal battery located on the cliffs of Gaspé Bay. Its main purpose during WWII was to protect the nearby port from the German submarine attacks.

Micmac Smoke House::Gaspe, Quebec, Canada::
Micmac Smoke House
Salmon hunting spear::Gaspe, Quebec, Canada::
Salmon hunting spear

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