Land of Cod

Newfoundland and Labrador are sometimes described as the land of cod. This is a place where for centuries cod was indeed the main part of the diet for the local population and became an important part of their history. Natives in the old days and the European settlers in the later times based their existence on fishing in the Atlantic waters where cod was preternaturally plentiful. At the end of the twentieth century, cod fishery collapsed. However, fishing villages remain, and I wanted to visit these places.

Land of Cod - Expedition Map A long drive Across Newfoundland Island Visit to the French Territory Bonavista Peninsula Gros Morne My First Iceberg Southern Labrador Battle Harbour Driving to Happy Valley-Goose Bay Road to Churchill Falls Return to Modern Civilization

It was like the continuation of the earlier “Acadia Journey”. This time, I intended to go further to the northeast and reach the edge of the North American continent. The expedition led through Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, the island of Newfoundland and vast part of Labrador. I spent many hours on gravel and logging roads. I reached remote fishing settlements and visited several offshore islands. During my travel, I came across a number of icebergs.

Trip Statistics:

Title of the expedition:
Land of Cod
Visit the Vikings settlement in America and learn about the culturally distinct region of Canada
Atlantic Canada
August 2011
Total Distance driven:
7,700 km / 4,785 miles
Distance driven on dirt roads:
1,300 km / 810 miles
Flat tires:
Car ferry crossings:
Passenger boat trips:
Border crossings:

Preparations for the expedition:

There was no time for special preparations. I decided that I would sleep in the back of the Jeep. I packed my sleeping bag, stove, and some food and set off alone on the road.

Photo Diary:

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