Land of Cod

A long drive

July 30-31

It has been two weeks since our return from a previous trip to Acadia. I had not enough time to fix Jeep problems observed before. There was no reason to postpone this trip. I decided to go alone. I left on Friday night and after 26 hours on the road, with only 2.5 hours of sleep, I finally reached Cape Breton in Nova Scotia (Canada). The weather was terrible. Last 24 hours I was constantly driving in the rain and windshield wipers were working at full speed almost all the time. It was still raining when I arrived.

Welcome to Cape Breton::Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada::
Welcome to Cape Breton
Port Hood RV Park::Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada::
Port Hood RV Park
Cape Breton North-West Shore::Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada::
Cape Breton North-West Shore
Short gravel road to Mabou Lighthouse::Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada::
Short gravel road to Mabou Lighthouse

My plan was to visit Cape Breton National Park on the next day, but I changed my mind and decided to skip that place. Not expecting the weather to improve drastically I made the Newfoundland ferry reservation for the following day and continued to seek a place where I could spend the night. I needed to take a shower and go to sleep as soon as possible. I ended up in a RV park in Port Hood. It was not easy for me to take a shower because I did not have Canadian coins.

Resting Peasants::Fortress of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, Canada::
Resting Peasants
Citizens of Louisbourg::Fortress of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, Canada::
Citizens of Louisbourg
Louisbourg Town Panoramic View::Fortress of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, Canada::
Louisbourg Town Panoramic View

The next day surprised me because the rain stopped. With no plans to visit a national park, I wanted to see some parts of Cape Breton anyway. There are many easy to find gravel roads. Early in the afternoon, I reached the Fortress of Louisbourg. This place is a reconstruction of the old city from the time of the European settlement. I spent three hours there, but I think the whole day is not too much. This place is not a traditional museum but a living French colonial town. The authentic atmosphere is mainly due to the many interpreters who are dressed and behave just like the French emigrants from a bygone era. Every one of them is happy to talk to visitors and share the knowledge they possess.

More images from Fortress of Louisbourg in my travel imges section.

High Ranking French Officer::Fortress of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, Canada::
High Ranking French Officer
Main Street in Louisbourg::Fortress of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, Canada::
Main Street in Louisbourg
Small Military Band::Fortress of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, Canada::
Small Military Band

Time ran fast and I had to get to the ferry that departed at 7 p.m. Crossing from North Sydney in Nova Scotia to Channel-Port-aux Basques in the south of Newfoundland lasted 5 hours.

Ferry leaving North Sydney::Cabot Strait, Canada::
Ferry leaving North Sydney
Sunset over Cabot Strait::Cabot Strait, Canada::
Sunset over Cabot Strait

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