Land of Cod

My First Iceberg

Aug 6

New and Old Lobster Pots::Two types of Lobster pots stacked in Parson's Point::
New and Old Lobster Pots
An Old Engine::I have seen car parts on the beach in several places in Newfoundland::
An Old Engine
Parson's Point Fishing Boats::Parson's Point  haven with Long Range Mountains in the background::
Parson's Point Fishing Boats

Driving Route 430 in Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland is a wonderful experience. Landscapes are far more interesting than along the Trans-Canada Highway in the south. On the way, I stopped at several places, mainly to take pictures. It was a fishing village of Parson's Point and the historical point of Port aux Choix. The latter is famous for its archeological sites. It is a place where Archaic Indians and Dorset Paleoeskimo people lived a few thousand years ago. There is not much to see, but always something to learn about.

The Arches::Arches have large span, notice a kid sitting in the right center for scale::
The Arches
Eskimo Game::Not much to see out of thousands of years of history in Port aux Choix::
Eskimo Game
Looking at the Iceberg::I was stunned; iceberg was really close to the shore::
Looking at the Iceberg

By the end of day, I reached a village of Conche accessible only by gravel road. Before going there, I checked the latest status on website IcebergFinder. They reported a few icebergs near the shore in Conche. I was hoping to see some of them. While driving down the hill, entering the old fishing village I had a wonderful feeling of experiencing something for the first time in my life. I was stunned; iceberg was really close to the shore and there were more around.

Iceberg with Flat Surface::Birds sitting on iceberg::
Iceberg with Flat Surface
My First Iceberg::Iceberg in Conche Bay::
My First Iceberg
Night Spent Near Conche::I was camping alone somewhere in the forest::
Night Spent Near Conche

Spending sometime in the village I was came across a couple of local residents. Following the conversation the man asked me where do I come from and why did I come here. I answered that icebergs are the main reason for my visit and that just admire them for the first time in my life. "Really, you have never seen icebergs before? It's weird" he replied.

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