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Land of Cod

Road to Churchill Falls

Aug 11, 2011
Another flat tire in Labrador::Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada:: Another flat tire in Labrador Next Services 294 km::Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada:: Next Services 294 km
Just like the Rosetta Stone::Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada:: Just like the Rosetta Stone  

I spent a night at the local ugly campsite in Goose Bay. When I woke up in the morning, I found that I had another flat tire in my Jeep. The puncture was tiny and very hard to find. I had to use soap to locate it and fix the tire.

Pioneer Tent::Labrador Highway, Labrador, Canada:: Pioneer Tent Biker on Gravel Road::Labrador Highway, Labrador, Canada:: Biker on Gravel Road
Monotonous Road::Labrador Highway, Labrador, Canada:: Monotonous Road Gravel Road in Labrador::Labrador Highway, Labrador, Canada:: Gravel Road in Labrador

Driving in Labrador is incredibly monotonous. There are absolutely no places of interests along the way. If you want to take a break and step out of the car, thousands of black flies immediately attack you. They drink your blood without mercy. To protect against them I was using 98% DEET, but I think the mosquito net jacket is much better solution.

Beware Sign::Churchill Falls, Labrador, Canada:: Beware Sign No Shooting Sign::Churchill Falls, Labrador, Canada:: No Shooting Sign

In Labrador, the road is the challenge, not a destination. This is why so many people come here for the only purpose of driving hundreds of kilometers of gravel roads. I met some travelers from Canada and the United States, and hordes of motorbikers from Europe. Some people even take the challenge to ride long distances on their bicycles.

Motorbikes from Europe::Churchill Falls, Labrador, Canada:: Motorbikes from Europe Churchill Falls City Center::Churchill Falls, Labrador, Canada:: Churchill Falls City Center
2630 Megawatts::Churchill Falls, Labrador, Canada:: 2630 Megawatts High Voltage Wires::Churchill Falls, Labrador, Canada:: High Voltage Wires
Underground Tunnel::Churchill Falls, Labrador, Canada:: Underground Tunnel  

The nearest settlement to the west of Happy Valley-Goose Bay is Churchill Falls. It is the distance of 300 km with 90 km section of asphalt. After six hours of monotonous driving, I reached Churchill Falls. It is a small town, built to support a nearby hydroelectric power plant. This place has nothing to offer. However to avoid, another eventless day I decided to visit the Underground Powerhouse. At least I learnt how electricity is produced. "Water goes down, electricity goes up, my guide repeated frequently.

Underground Powerhouse::Churchill Falls, Labrador, Canada:: Underground Powerhouse Worker in Hard Hat::Churchill Falls, Labrador, Canada:: Worker in Hard Hat