Land of Cod

Return to Modern Civilization

Aug 12-13

Check Fuel::Churchill Falls, Labrador, Canada::
Check Fuel
The Bridge over Churchill River::Churchill Falls, Labrador, Canada::
The Bridge over Churchill River
Endless Horizons::Labrador Highway, Labrador, Canada::
Endless Horizons

This was another long and monotonous day. Labrador City located on Labrador and Quebec border did not make any impression on me. Another boring settlement I visited in central Labrador, but it was a good place to have something to eat. On the parking lot, a tracker from New Brunswick approached me saying, "I wish I could be somewhere else, driving here is a hell." He could not believe that I came here voluntarily in search of adventure.

Drizzle in Labardor::Labrador Highway, Labrador, Canada::
Drizzle in Labardor
Straight Empty Highway::Labrador Highway, Labrador, Canada::
Straight Empty Highway
Red Truck is Stuck::Labrador Highway, Labrador, Canada::
Red Truck is Stuck
Labrador Highway::Labrador, Canada::
Labrador Highway

In the early afternoon, I entered province of Quebec. The traffic was much heavier. Gravel highway was the worst I have driven so far, lots of dust, sharp curves and road was washboard, all the way. I got a bad headache. I do not even remember where exactly I had my third flat tire on this Labrador trip. Finally, the gravel surface ended permanently near a dam in Manicougan. The Labrador challenge has ended for me with total over 750 miles (1,200 km) driven on gravel roads.

Next petrol station is 249 km away::Quebec, Canada::
Next petrol station is 249 km away
Gravel road in Quebec::Quebec, Canada::
Gravel road in Quebec
Cloud of Dust::Quebec, Canada::
Cloud of Dust
My third flat tire::Quebec, Canada::
My third flat tire

Reaching the first towns on the north shore of the St. Laurence River was for me the definitive return to modern civilization. Car dealers, shopping malls, wide paved roads, there was nothing exotic any more. I continued driving west along the St. Laurence. Just before ferry crossing on the Sanguenway River I read that, this is a fjord. I also noticed that many tourist-oriented places along the way advertised themselves as close to the fjord. This is an obvious tourist trap. Even if it is a fjord in accordance to the definition, it does not resemble a fjord. It is possible that millions of years ago, there were high rocky slopes of the fjord, but today it is unfortunately only a small valley. There are many similar places around the world.

Manic 5::Quebec, Canada::
Manic 5
Ferry Crossing on Sanguenway River::Sanguenway, Quebec, Canada::
Ferry Crossing on Sanguenway River
Crowded Quebec City::Quebec City, Quebec, Canada::
Crowded Quebec City

I stopped briefly in Quebec City. This town was even more crowded than during my past visits. I was terribly hot. Air temperature was above 30şC, about 15 more than 24 hours ago in Labrador. At that moment, it was not a place for me. I was still in quiet and peaceful mood of Newfoundland and Labrador. Loud and crowded city did not fit into my off-road travel agenda. I left Quebec City as quickly as possible. To get home I needed yet another 10 hours of driving.

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