Power Locks

Parts used:

  1. Aftermarket door lock actuators
  2. Automotive relay and 5 pin relay socket
  3. Automotive wires
Aftermarket door lock actuator::Cheap, universal automotive actuator::
Aftermarket door lock actuator
Carrier plate removed::Door lock actuator has to attached to this plate::
Carrier plate removed

After installing the car alarm, it was time for the power locks. Central locking requires the use of lock actuators and relay socket. In the first stage, I decided to work on the front doors. The task involved trim panel and carrier plate removals and mounting the actuators in the location where they do no block a glass when it is lowered. Special attention is required when connecting a rod between a new lock actuator and latch cable. The proper rod attachment is a recipe for success. The final step was to run the automotive wires connecting the actuators and the relay. In my configuration, the alarm control module is connected to the same relay. Activating and deactivating alarm locks or unlocks the doors at the same time.

Lock actuator is installed::Actuator is mounted in horizontal position::
Lock actuator is installed
Mounting place in tailgate::Actuator before mounting in the tailgate::
Mounting place in tailgate

Installation of aftermarket door lock actuators in the rear JK doors is not possible due to lack of space. Therefore remains the tailgate. The installation required a little imagination, because the actuator must be mounted in a vertical position. For this purpose I have used the metal strips bent and joined together to stiffen the mechanism. Even the smallest displacement of actuator relative to the latch can prevent the automatic opening. Electrical wires that ran from the tailgate I soldered with the wires extending from the front right door. The front doors are opened and closed together with the trunk.

Metal strip custom mounting::The mounting required a little imagination, I even used the kitchen sink strainer::
Metal strip custom mounting
Actuator mounted inside tailgate::Rod is very short, space is limited::
Actuator mounted inside tailgate

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