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Rear Seat

Factory rear bench seat in Jeep JK is extremely uncomfortable while traveling long distances. Instead, I decided to install the JK's front bucket seat. It is quite of the challenge to make it fit in the rear section. Fortunately I found enough space to allow it to slide forward and back. A new seat is also able to recline back.

Parts used:

  1. JK's factory front bucket seat
  2. Steel U-Channels
  3. Spray primer
  4. Spray paint, flat black

Weight reduced by: 40 lb / 18 kg

  JK's front bucket seat::I have purchased a used seat in a good shape:: JK's front bucket seat
Checking if the front seat fits in the rear::Initially, I used two by fours to put a seat on:: Checking if the front seat fits in the rear  

After removing the rear bench, I had to plan how to mount the front bucket seat. Initially, I used two by fours to put a seat on. I sat in it and made sure that it can recline back. In this way, I got a confidence about the height at which it has to be mounted.

Front Support::I used steel U-channel brackets:: Front Support Before welding::I cut steel U-channels brackets:: Before welding

The next step was to design the front support. For this purpose, I used steel U-channel brackets. I cut them and welded together, to fit into the existing holes in the floor. A new painted support bracket was secured with factory bolts.

Welding steel brackets::It was really hard for me, I have never welded before:: Welding steel brackets Support is ready::After welding and painting:: Support is ready

In the front seat is attached to a new bracket. To stiffen the back of the seat, I used a factory screw on the right. On the left side, however, it was necessary to drill a hole in the floor of the trunk and use a new bolt. Factory floor mat fits almost perfectly. I had to cut it in two places only.

Ready for final seat installation::I had to cut the floor mat in two places:: Ready for final seat installation Rear seat installed #1::A new bracket was secured with factory bolts:: Rear seat installed #1

My goal was to mount only one seat, although there is a room for two. We have no need for two seats because we travel only in three people. An additional panel mounted next to the new bucket seat added a large flat cargo area much needed in the off-road expeditions.

Rear seat installed #2::The seat reclined back:: Rear seat installed #2 Rear seat installed #3::By installing only one seat I gained an additional cargo space:: Rear seat installed #3