Full Solar Ecplipse

On August 21, 2017, North American continent experienced a total solar eclipse. The Moon passed directly between the Sun and the Earth creating a path of short darkness. We wanted to see this rare phenomenon. The total eclipse is described in books and depicted in Hollywood movies. It has been always my dream to see this event with my own eyes. For many years, I asked myself a question, how dark it would really get in the middle of a day when I stand in the path of totality. I could not let such opportunity pass me by; the totality path was relatively not far from my home. We chose Francis Marion National Forest in South Carolina as the best location to be away from the crowds. We wanted to be completely alone in harmony with the universe. The only unpredictable factor was the weather, we hopped it will cooperate.

Full Solar Eclipse - Expedition Map Heat in the Forest Our Solar Eclipse

Trip Statistics:

Title of the expedition:
Full Solar Eclipse
Experience the rare lunar phenomenon
Soth Carolina, USA
August 2017
Total Distance driven:
2,581 km / 1,604 miles
Distance driven on sandy forest roads:
42 km / 26 miles
Duration of experienced solar eclipse totality:
2 minutes 31 seconds

Photo Diary:

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