Tailgate Bump Stops

Parts used:

  1. Daystar Tailgate Bump Stops
  2. Wood Screws
No contact with tire::Spare wheel on the tailgate is not stiff::
No contact with tire
Factory Rubber Bump Stops::After spare tire is removed::
Factory Rubber Bump Stops

Our Jeep has new rims with back spacing. The 4ź" backspace, creates a gap between the tire and the tailgate. As the result, the wheel is not stiff and accepts all the vibrations while driving. Spare wheel simply shakes giving annoying sounds. The only solution is to get larger bump stops and voilŕ, annoying vibrations and noise from the rear disappear forever.

Daystar Foam Bump Stop::New bump stop is longer, but did not last long::
Daystar Foam Bump Stop
New and Old::Protruding foam tip used to attach to the tailgate is gone::
New and Old

This Daystar product has proven to be very low quality. After a couple of spare tire removals both new bump stops dropped off. Protruding foam tips used to attach to the tailgate were gone. It did not make sense to purchase the same product again. With a few wood screws, I decided to combine the original bump stops with a piece of a new one. I cut them both so that after putting them together I got the correct length. New custom made, combined tailgate bump stops perform the same task, but have much better quality.

Hybrid Bump Stop::Using wood screws combined the original bump stop with a piece of a new one::
Hybrid Bump Stop
My bumps hold the wheel::There is no gap and spare tire is stiff::
My bumps hold the wheel

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