Tailgate Tray Table

Parts used:

  1. One plexiglass sheet
  2. Two plain square tubes, 1/16 " thick, 1/2"x72"
  3. Spray paint, black color
  4. Four narrow utility hinges, width 2"
  5. Thin steel wire
  6. Sash lift
  7. Velcro strip
Jeep JK tailgate::The rear door is perfect for a tray table::
Jeep JK tailgate
Folded up table on the tailgate::Table is installed::
Folded up table on the tailgate

In order to build a small folded tailgate table for Wrangler I did not intend to use wood or plywood. In my opinion, such material is not very suitable for displaying it on the tailgate. My decision was based solely on aesthetic feelings. I decided to experiment with plexiglass. Purchased sheet was in the perfect size and there was no need to cut it. I just rounded corners of a sheet to avoid cutting myself while using this folded table.

Unfolded tray table::It comes handy on any occasion::
Unfolded tray table

Steel square tubes were used to prevent the bending of plexiglass, a material that is strong but flexible. I had to cut the tube into four pieces of the appropriate sizes and painted them black. I mounted a reinforced sheet of plexiglass to the vehicle's tailgate using four small hinges, also painted black. Thin steel wire was used to support the table in its open position. Table is maintained in the closed position by a Velcro strap wrapped around a small sash lift.

My folded tailgate table is very light. It will not endure too much weight, even so, it is extremely helpful in many outdoor situations.

© 2011 Maciej Swulinski