In Search of the Spirit of the Wild West

Across America

August 20-22

We started a long way back on Monday. We did not stop anywhere to spend the night. It was an event-less drive on highways almost all the time. To disrupt the terribly monotonous journey through 10 US states, we stopped for a moment in Arizona, where we wanted to see an old Indian structure called Montezuma Castle. This is not a castle of course and has nothing to do with an Aztec ruler, but this is an impressve cliff dwellings. The place is worth a visit, but you can enjoy it only from the distance.

Montezuma Castle Dwellings::Montezuma Castle, Arizona, USA::
Montezuma Castle Dwellings
Montezuma Castle Rock::Montezuma Castle, Arizona, USA::
Montezuma Castle Rock
It used to be a motel::Oklahoma, USA::
It used to be a motel

Long parts of our return trip lead along the historic Route 66. In a few locations, we tried to find some places of interest associated with this legendary road. Unfortunately, we encountered only dilapidated hovels, nothing nice.

While in Pennsylvania, we drove not far from the Flight 93 crash site. The eleventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11 2001 was coming. We wanted to visit the place directly related to the events that stuck in our memories forever.

The Crash Moment::Flight 93 Crash Site, August 2012::
The Crash Moment
Pictures of Victims::Flight 93 Crash Site, August 2012::
Pictures of Victims
Wall of Names::Flight 93 Crash Site, August 2012::
Wall of Names
Memorial Plaza::Flight 93 Crash Site, August 2012::
Memorial Plaza

On Wednesday afternoon, after driving 2457 miles/ 3954 km in 52 hours (almost non-stop, one driver) we came back from Arizona to New Jersey. It was hardly surprising that Matt was happy back home. In a few days he was about to start studying at NYU. For Eva and Matthew it was a return to everyday activities. It is time to plan the next trip.

Back home::New Jersey, USA::
Back home

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