When I began my overland travels, our vehicle was a basic jeep without any modifications. We took a tent, water canister, three chairs, a small table, some food, and left to enjoy the nature. We did not need any roofrack not to mention a trailer. We had everything what was necessarily to enjoy overlanding. Over the years, our vehicle went through successive phases of improvements, but consistently we still carry with us only a limited number of things. The main objective is not to overweight the vehicle, while improving the comfort of traveling.

baliosOPC based on Raspberry Pi is more than a GPS navigation and music player, it is real computer build-in my Jeep's console and running Unix-like operating system
Building reliable expedition vehicle, list of Jeep Wrangler JK do-it-yourself changes in my preparations for the overland expeditions
Improving the ride comfort for long distance travels, convenient storage area, etc.
Simple extras, some easy and quick improvements
Equipment we take with us while traveling in search of adventure: camping gear, vehicle recovery outfitting, etc.
Only effective storage system can guarantee that, whatever you carry is easily accessible.

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