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  Total distatance driven,
all expeditions combined:
51,745 km / 32,153 miles
  Days on the road: 112
  Longest drive non-stop: 603 km / 375 miles
without any stopping
  Whole nights spent driving
(one driver):
  Longest day of driving
(one diver):
over 48 hrs of driving
in a span of 52 h 37 min
3954 km / 2457 miles
The longest distance between the closest settlements/gas stations: 410 km / 255 miles
(Labrador, Canada)
Highest elevation driven: 3,914 m / 12,840 ft
Black Bear Pass
(Colorado, USA)
Flat tires: 8
Car ferry crossings: 3
Passenger only boat trips: 4
Longest ferry crossings: 20 hours
(Mexico - La Paz, Baja California Sur to Mazatlán, Sinaloa)
Longest bridge crossings: Confederation Bridge: 13 km / 8 miles long (between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, Canada)
  Border crossings: 10
  Shortest in time border crossing: less than 3 min
(Fort Kent, Maine, USA to Canada)
Mesoamerican sites visited: 14
Robberies: 1
Number of days in Mexico: 45
Duration of experienced
solar eclipse totality:
2 minutes 31 seconds