Bottle Shaped Islet::New Caledonia, Oceania::
Bottle Shaped Islet
New Caledonia, Oceania

" Gather a shell from the strewn beach
And listen at its lips: they sigh
The same desire and mystery,
The echo of the whole sea's speech."

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Calm Waters #1::Nokanhui Islet, Oceania::
Calm Waters #1
Nokanhui Islet, Oceania
Jobson Cove::Bermuda::
Jobson Cove
Lonely on Nokanhui #1::New Caledonia, Oceania::
Lonely on Nokanhui #1
New Caledonia, Oceania
Sand Bar::Nokanhui Islet, Oceania::
Sand Bar
Nokanhui Islet, Oceania
Shallow and Deep Waters::New Caledonia, Oceania::
Shallow and Deep Waters
New Caledonia, Oceania
Beach on Nokanhui::New Caledonia, Oceania::
Beach on Nokanhui
New Caledonia, Oceania
Ile des Pins Aerial View::New Caledonia, Oceania::
Ile des Pins Aerial View
New Caledonia, Oceania
Woman in Red::Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA::
Woman in Red
Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
Playa Carlos Rosario::Culebra, Caribbean::
Playa Carlos Rosario
Culebra, Caribbean
Silk Sand in Bavaro::Dominican Rep., Caribbean::
Silk Sand in Bavaro
Dominican Rep., Caribbean
Waialua Beach::Molokai, Hawaii::
Waialua Beach
Molokai, Hawaii
Punta Cana - Bavaro Beach::Dominican Rep., Caribbean::
Punta Cana - Bavaro Beach
Dominican Rep., Caribbean
In the Shade::Dominican Rep., Caribbean::
In the Shade
Dominican Rep., Caribbean
Trunk Bay::St. John, Caribbean::
Trunk Bay
St. John, Caribbean
Waikiki Towers::Oahu, Hawaii::
Waikiki Towers
Oahu, Hawaii
Kayak on Wilson Bay Beach::Cat Island, Bahamas::
Kayak on Wilson Bay Beach
Cat Island, Bahamas
Shell on Sand Beach::Cat Island, Bahamas::
Shell on Sand Beach
Cat Island, Bahamas
Beach in Bain Town::Cat Island, Bahamas::
Beach in Bain Town
Cat Island, Bahamas

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