Pacific Islanders

Small Nambas Man::Vanuatu, Oceania::
Small Nambas Man
Vanuatu, Oceania
Kastom Dances #8::Vanuatu, Oceania::
Kastom Dances #8
Vanuatu, Oceania
Small Nambas Woman::Vanuatu, Oceania::
Small Nambas Woman
Vanuatu, Oceania

" The pagans are in no doubt. They realize full well that, when they become Christians, the real source of their vitality dries up; namely, their pagan feasts. The pagan village appears to be brimming with life; the Christian village seems dead. Are we not too severe? "

Father Edouard Loubiére, 1905

Fijian Dancer #2::Fiji, Oceania::
Fijian Dancer #2
Fiji, Oceania
Fijian Dancer #1::Fiji, Oceania::
Fijian Dancer #1
Fiji, Oceania
Woman from Pankumo::Vanuatu, Oceania::
Woman from Pankumo
Vanuatu, Oceania
Net Fishing #3::New Caledonia, Oceania::
Net Fishing #3
New Caledonia, Oceania
Navala Woman::Fiji, Oceania::
Navala Woman
Fiji, Oceania
Villager from Tanna::Vanuatu, Oceania::
Villager from Tanna
Vanuatu, Oceania
Traditional Tahitian Skirt::Moorea, French Polynesia::
Traditional Tahitian Skirt
Moorea, French Polynesia
Tahitian Dance #2::Moorea, French Polynesia::
Tahitian Dance #2
Moorea, French Polynesia
Tahitian Tattoo::Moorea, French Polynesia::
Tahitian Tattoo
Moorea, French Polynesia

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