Outrigger Canoes::Vanuatu, Oceania::
Outrigger Canoes
Vanuatu, Oceania
Children in the Buggy::Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA::
Children in the Buggy
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA
Red Seaplane::Rangalifinolhu, Maldives::
Red Seaplane
Rangalifinolhu, Maldives
Maldivian Air Taxi::Rangali Island, Maldives::
Maldivian Air Taxi
Rangali Island, Maldives
Military Trucks::West Point, New York, USA::
Military Trucks
West Point, New York, USA
Three Tails::Los Angeles, California, USA::
Three Tails
Los Angeles, California, USA
Harley-Davidson::Alexandria Bay, New York, USA::
Alexandria Bay, New York, USA
Pioneer's Wagon::Monument Valley, Utah, USA::
Pioneer's Wagon
Monument Valley, Utah, USA
1947 International::Kingston, Ontario, Canada::
1947 International
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Manhattan View::Newark, New Jersey, USA::
Manhattan View
Newark, New Jersey, USA
Airship and WTC::New York City, USA::
Airship and WTC
New York City, USA
Monorail::Newark, New Jersey, USA::
Newark, New Jersey, USA
747::Newark, New Jersey, USA::
Newark, New Jersey, USA
Newark Airport::Newark, New Jersey, USA::
Newark Airport
Newark, New Jersey, USA
Egg Motorcycle Transport::Bali, Indonesia::
Egg Motorcycle Transport
Bali, Indonesia
US Navy Helicopter::New York City, USA::
US Navy Helicopter
New York City, USA
Cows at the Airport::Vanuatu, Oceania::
Cows at the Airport
Vanuatu, Oceania

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