Hawaiian Carving::The Big Island, Hawai'i::
Hawaiian Carving
Bikini with Flower in Her Hair::Denarau Island, Fiji::
Bikini with Flower in Her Hair
Sitting by the Sculpture::St. Thomas, USVI::
Sitting by the Sculpture
Looking at Statues::Easter Island::
Looking at Statues
Hummer's Mirror::New York, United States::
Hummer's Mirror
Broken Roof::Cat Island, Bahamas::
Broken Roof

" Woman is a vulgar animal from whom man has created an excessively beautiful ideal."

Gustave Flaubert

Between Columns::New York, United States::
Between Columns
Flower in Hair::Denarau Island, Fiji::
Flower in Hair
Japanese Style::Kyoto, Japan::
Japanese Style
In the Rockefeller Center::New York, United States::
In the Rockefeller Center
Sitting in Tundra::Alaska, United States::
Sitting in Tundra
Sugar Plantation::St. Lucia::
Sugar Plantation
Happy Gold Miner::Alaska, United States::
Happy Gold Miner
Sandy Beach::Massatusets, United States::
Sandy Beach
Shopping::New York, United States::

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