Prince William Sound

Prince William Sound is a beautiful inlet of the Gulf of Alaska. It is a home for many birds, the marine life and one of the best viewing area for glaciers in all of Alaska.

Beloit Glacier is a fjord glacier. The characteristics are vertical face and terminus that lies below the sea level.

Beloit Glacier Face::Alaska, United States::
Beloit Glacier Face
Near the Glacier::Alaska, United States::
Near the Glacier
Glacier Face::Alaska, United States::
Glacier Face
Beloit Glacier::Alaska, United States::
Beloit Glacier

10% of all earthquakes take place in Alaska. In the 1964 the earthquake (8.7 on the Richter scale) hit the area of Prince William Sound. It generated three successive tidal waves called tsunamis, one of which crested at 32 m (104 ft).

All glaciers are blue. This is because the ice is so compressed that all the other colors of the light spectrum are absorbed.

Prince William Sound::Alaska, United States::
Prince William Sound

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