Canal Side Olofssteeg::Amsterdam, Netherlands::
Canal Side Olofssteeg
Boathouses::Amsterdam, Netherlands::
Staalstraat::Amsterdam, Netherlands::
Staalstraat Bridge::Amsterdam, Netherlands::
Staalstraat Bridge

Is the capital of the Netherlands a beautiful city? It is definitely a unique place with tree-lined canals and narrow streets. This is a town of an incredible architecture and many historical landmarks. Rent a bicycle and ride around the old city. It is a great experience to see the town in the Dutch way, but the town itself is not that great. Over the years, Amsterdam earned a dwindling reputation. Shops that sell Dutch cheese are close to the extinction, but marijuana 'coffee shops' and sex shops dominate in the city's historic core. You would rather expect to see such establishments in one of the city's surrounding districts, but not in the city center. It is not because they are commonly considered as 'dirty', but mainly because of people, whom such places attract. Those who come to enjoy the pleasures are not interested in the beauty of an old city and its canals. All they left behind is garbage that ends up on streets and in canals' waters. Do not be surprised to see in Amsterdam many broken beer bottles on the sidewalks, cans, plastic bags, and food leftovers in the canals. This is definitely not, what you would expect from one of the finest of the cities in Europe.

Boat on the Canal::Amsterdam, Netherlands::
Boat on the Canal
Bridge over Canal::Amsterdam, Netherlands::
Bridge over Canal
Cheese Store::Amsterdam, Netherlands::
Cheese Store
Rembrandt Museum::Amsterdam, Netherlands::
Rembrandt Museum
Coppersmith::Amsterdam, Netherlands::
De Bloem Windmill::Amsterdam, Netherlands::
De Bloem Windmill
Aluminiumbrug::Amsterdam, Netherlands::
Montelbaans Tower::Amsterdam, Netherlands::
Montelbaans Tower

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