Battle Harbour

Battle Harbour Panoramic View::Labrador, Canada::
Battle Harbour Panoramic View
Wharf in Battle Harbour::Labrador, Canada::
Wharf in Battle Harbour
Mist Around the Islands::Labrador, Canada::
Mist Around the Islands
Misty Shore::Labrador, Canada::
Misty Shore

In the past, the island of Battle Harbour was the economic center of the Labrador (Canada). You can get there by boat, which leaves from Mary's Harbour every day. Battle Harbour is an old fishing village with the atmosphere of fishery. Everything is authentic there from the local food to old buildings and the beautifully preserved fish houses, where cod was processed. Visiting Battle Harbour is like a journey back in time to the nineteenth century when the time of cod fisheries prospered.

Labrador Sea Shore #2::Labrador, Canada::
Labrador Sea Shore #2
Labrador Sea Shore #1::Labrador, Canada::
Labrador Sea Shore #1
The Red Chair::Labrador, Canada::
The Red Chair
An Old Kitchen #2::Labrador, Canada::
An Old Kitchen #2
Wharf on Battle Island::Labrador, Canada::
Wharf on Battle Island

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