Bermuda's Architecture

Green Window::Bermuda::
Green Window
18th Century Building::Bermuda::
18th Century Building
Stepped Roof::Bermuda::
Stepped Roof

Bermuda's signature roofs are stepped and covered by Bermuda slate. They are kept always white and clean to ensure water quality that is collected from rain into tanks beneath houses. For almost all the people living in Bermuda this is the only source of water used for drinking and all other household needs.

Bermuda`s Signature Roofs::Bermuda::
Bermuda`s Signature Roofs
Orange Walls::Bermuda::
Orange Walls
Just Chimney::Bermuda::
Just Chimney
Traditional Bermuda`s Chimneys::Bermuda::
Traditional Bermuda`s Chimneys
Bird on the Roof::Bermuda::
Bird on the Roof
White Chimney::Bermuda::
White Chimney
White Roof::Bermuda::
White Roof

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