Boone Hall Plantation

Avenue of Oaks

After over 300 years continually growing crops, the Boone Hall Plantation (South Carolina) is one of the oldest still active farms in the USA. Over time, it was known for cotton and pecans, but also for brick production. Like every plantation in the South, Boone Hall includes a massive owner’s house, and in its close proximity, a large number of slave cabins. The most beautiful on the plantation is "Avenue of Oaks,” a kilometer long two rows of nearly 300 years old trees.

Plantation House Slave Cabins Inside Slave Cabin

Slave Cabin

Boone Hall was once known for its pecan production. The Pecan trees are native to Mississippi River and Texas coast regions. For many centuries, local Indians have planted and cultivated nuts. Pecan in the local language means “a tough nut to crack.” On this plantation, many trees were planted over 100 years ago. In the beginning of the twentieth century, Boone Hall was among largest pecan producers in the USA. Unfortunately, after the severe hurricanes of 1911 and 1989, many trees were lost and the mass production was stopped.