Bryce Canyon

Douglas Fir on Wall Street::Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA::
Douglas-fir on Wall Street

Constant erosion, the action of water, wind and temperature changes is the power that created many different rock formations. Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA is famous especially for one of them. Red pillars called hoodoos are dominant in the local landscape. This is the result of very favorable geological conditions in this region. The weathering process correctly describes how rock formations are created, but does not answer the question why sandstone pillars stand hundreds of years without collapsing. The key factor turns out to be the weight. The massive load of sandstone stabilizes unusual structures and protects them from falling apart.

From many trails in this park the one called Wall Street is the most popular because of its easy access and fantastic nearby rock formations. On this trail you can see two very tall Douglass-fir trees growing in the narrow canyon.

Bryce from Sunset Point::Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA::
Bryce from Sunset Point
Panorama composed of seven images
Wall Street Trail::Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA::
Wall Street Trail
Bryce Canyon::Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA::
Bryce Canyon
Countless Hoodoos::Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA::
Countless Hoodoos
Down the Wall Street::Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA::
Down the Wall Street
Tall Trees #2::Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA::
Tall Trees #2
Queen Victoria Point::Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA::
Queen Victoria Point

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