Cat Island

Cat Island was once known as San Salvador, a name given by Christopher Columbus. Past historians and cartographers believed that this was a place where on October 12, 1492 Columbus discovered the Americas and set foot upon shores of new world. In 1925 name "San Salvador" was transferred to another place originally known as Watling Island. Today, after more than 500 years after the discovery many controversies still exist and exact location of the territory called by local inhabitants as Guanahani is not certain. Based on written Columbus's description several islands in the Bahamas are considered to be the landing place with Samana Cay supporters taking currently a lead.

Church in Bain Town::Cat Island, Bahamas::
Church in Bain Town
Kayak on Wilson Bay Beach::Cat Island, Bahamas::
Kayak on Wilson Bay Beach
Shell on Sand Beach::Cat Island, Bahamas::
Shell on Sand Beach
Cat Island Ruins
Cat Island Ruins

This is a quiet place with atmosphere of an isolated isle. Live goes slow and easy on Cat Island, Bahamas. Very few tourists come here. It is hard to meet other visitors while traveling on the island, but conversations with friendly locals are the most enjoyable. This place is in total opposition to crowded Nassau, the capital of Bahamas. Population of the whole Cat Island is five times smaller than number of employees in just one Atlantis resort near Nassau. This is a perfect place for a lazy escape from our fast moving civilization.

Two Crosses by the Beach::Cat Island, Bahamas::
Two Crosses by the Beach
Atlantic Shore at Flamingo Point::Cat Island, Bahamas::
Atlantic Shore at Flamingo Point
Beach in Bain Town::Cat Island, Bahamas::
Beach in Bain Town
Tea Bay::Cat Island, Bahamas::
Tea Bay
Sunset on Cat Island::Cat Island, Bahamas::
Sunset on Cat Island
Palm Tree in Bain Town::Cat Island, Bahamas::
Palm Tree in Bain Town

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