Chapel Entrance::The Hermitage, Cat Island, Bahamas::
Chapel Entrance
Small Bell Tower::The Hermitage, Cat Island, Bahamas::
Small Bell Tower
The Hermitage::The Hermitage, Cat Island, Bahamas::
The Hermitage

Monastery called the Hermitage stands on the top of the highest summit in the Bahamas, Mount Alvernia. It is just 63 meters/ 206 feet above sea level. With all flat islands around it is unusual experience to reach the top. Tiny monastery on Cat Island resembles European medieval cloisters, but in a small scale. Little chapel has single pew. Silent bell hangs atop miniature stone tower. Structure was build stone by stone by Englishman, Father Jerome, who lived here alone until 1956. Even with the small size of this structure, Roman Catholic priest succeeded in creating a supernatural atmosphere for contemplation and prayer, what makes his achievement to be the greatest.

Mount Alvernia::The Hermitage, Cat Island, Bahamas::
Mount Alvernia

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