Huron/Ouendat Village

Wooden Mask::Huron/Ouendat (Wendat) Village, Ontario, Canada::
Wooden Mask
Village Wendat Hut #1::Huron/Ouendat (Wendat) Village, Ontario, Canada::
Wendat Hut #1
Wendat Hut #2::Huron/Ouendat (Wendat) Village, Ontario, Canada::
Wendat Hut #2

In Huron/Ouendat village in Midland, Canada we can learn about Wyandot people also known as Huron. In the reconstructed settlement we can see how Indians lived in the Ontario region before the arrival of the first Europeans. The village is surrounded by a wooden palisade. The high wall provided protection not only against enemies and wild animals, but also against strong winds and winter blizzards. Huron relied on the cultivation of plants in the immediate vicinity of their villages. They planted corn and beans that were the main sources for their food. Inside the village there is a wooden lookout tower and several different huts made out of branches and tree bark. The largest structure is the longhouse where all members of the community lived together. Open fires inside the longhouse created very smoky living conditions for the residents, but at the same time were needed to heat the interior, dry tobacco, helped in storing corn and have their game smoked.

Longhouse::Huron/Ouendat (Wendat) Village, Ontario, Canada::
Inside Longhouse::Huron/Ouendat (Wendat) Village, Ontario, Canada::
Inside Longhouse

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