Looking at Fossilized Sigillaria Tree::Joggins, Nova Scotia, Canada::
Looking at Fossilized Sigillaria Tree
Low Tide, Joggins Cliffs::Joggins, Nova Scotia, Canada::
Low Tide, Joggins Cliffs

What is the Joggins (Nova Scotia, Canada) today, 300 million years ago and was part of the wetlands and tropical forest somewhere near the equator. Joggins Cliffs, located in the upper part of the Bay of Fundy, are continuously washed by the world's highest tides and are still revealing many fossils from the Carboniferous period. It is exiting to stroll along the beach at low tide, looking at rocks and trying to make sense of an unusual imprint patterns in the stones.

Plant Stems Imprints::Joggins, Nova Scotia, Canada::
Plant Stems Imprints
Fossilized Plant Leaves::Joggins, Nova Scotia, Canada::
Fossilized Plant Leaves
Fossilized Plant Root::Joggins, Nova Scotia, Canada::
Fossilized Plant Root

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