Prince George Hotel::Ontario, Canada::
Prince George Hotel
Ontario Street::Ontario, Canada::
Ontario Street
Murney Tower #1::Ontario, Canada::
Murney Tower #1

French have chosen this location where Saint Laurence River meets Lake Ontario as a strategic point. They erected a fort here and created lucrative commercial ties with natives. In 1758 British captured the fort putting to end French colonization in the region. For more than twenty years the area has been abandoned. After American Revolution, Loyalists arriving from the United States founded town of Kingston in this location. New town was growing very fast. After War of 1812, Fort Henry was built as a part of strong defense system around Kingston. The town was becoming to be more important and in 1841 became Canada’s first capital. Due to its proximity to U.S. border and the fear of American invasion, it lost the title to Montreal. In 1849 capital of Canada was finally moved to Ottawa.

Kingston City Hall::Ontario, Canada::
Kingston City Hall
Wall of Flowers::Ontario, Canada::
Wall of Flowers
1947 International::Ontario, Canada::
1947 International

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