Labrador Highway

Highway in Labrador::Labrador, Canada::
Highway in Labrador
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Sand Island on Churchill River::Labrador, Canada::
Sand Island on Churchill River
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Labrador Highway running across Labrador (eastern Canada) is mostly a gravel road that allows for travel between the province of Quebec and the island of Newfoundland. It is a journey seemingly without end. Dull when it rains, full of dust when it is dry. When going there the destination does not matter. There are not interesting places along the road through the taiga. More than 600 miles/1000 kilometers on roads without asphalt is a challenge by itself. For many travelers it is a test of their vehicles and spiritual strength of the passengers; all need to survive many difficult days of monotonous driving.

Drizzle in Labardor::Labrador, Canada::
Drizzle in Labardor
Next Services 410 km::Labrador, Canada::
Next Services 410 km
Truck is coming::Labrador, Canada::
Truck is coming
More Dust::Labrador, Canada::
More Dust
Endless Horizons::Labrador, Canada::
Endless Horizons
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