Pa`iloa (Black Sand) Beach #1::Maui, Hawaii Islands::
Pa`iloa (Black Sand) Beach #1
Pa`iloa (Black Sand) Beach #2::Maui, Hawaii Islands::
Pa`iloa (Black Sand) Beach #2
Iao Valley::Maui, Hawaii Islands::
Iao Valley

Iao Valley is the site of a battle that occurred in 1790. King Kamenahameha I destroyed the Maui army and killed all imprisoned soldiers. Ioa Needle is a stone pillar that rises 400 m/ 1,200 ft from the valley floor. It takes its name from Iao meaning "Supreme Light".

Iao Needle::Maui, Hawaii Islands::
Iao Needle
Silversword Plant::Maui, Hawaii Islands::
Silversword Plant

Mt Haleakala (meaning "House of the Sun") makes up the entire southeast portion of Maui Island, Hawaii. It is famous of its huge crater and rare silversword plants that live up to fifty years and die after flowering.

Road to Hana is usually noted as one of most beautiful scenic highways in the U.S.. In reality this easy accessible road is very crowded and does not differ from many other roads in Hawaii. All you see during 85 km/ 53 miles long driving is the surrounding forest and the vehicle in front of you. Forget about Pacific views. Even if you stop to see waterfalls, you are still surrounded by many people. Road to Hana with its 617 hairpin turns and 56 bridges (as somebody counted) was nothing unforgettable for me. It was just another massive tourist destination. In my opinion North Shore Road on St John, U.S. Virgin Islands is much more beautiful, really scenic and not crowded.

Puohokamoa Upper Falls::Maui, Hawaii Islands::
Puohokamoa Upper Falls
Windsurfers at Hookipa Beach::Maui, Hawaii Islands::
Windsurfers at Hookipa Beach
Driving to Hana::Maui, Hawaii Islands::
Driving to Hana

travel tip: Road to Hana. Do not bother to drive to Hana. Road has no views, traffic is heavy and very slow, waterfalls are crowded.

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