Mt. Rotui Between Two Bays::Moorea, French Polynesia::
Mt. Rotui Between Two Bays
Cook's Bay::Moorea, French Polynesia::
Cook's Bay
Kayaking in Moorea #1::Moorea, French Polynesia::
Kayaking in Moorea #1
Moorea Island at Sunset::Moorea, French Polynesia::
Moorea Island at Sunset

A close neighbor of Tahiti, the Moorea Island is a peaceful place with a relatively small population. Palm-thatched huts can still be found and outrigger canoes can be spotted along the shore. A road winds lazily around the island and there is always a sailboat anchored in a calm, peaceful bay. By many visitors, Moorea is considered to be a dream destination or even a tropical paradise.

Volcanic Peak::Moorea, French Polynesia::
Volcanic Peak
Opunohu Bay::Moorea, French Polynesia::
Opunohu Bay
Kayaking in Moorea #2::Moorea, French Polynesia::
Kayaking in Moorea #2
Sailboat at Anchor::Moorea, French Polynesia::
Sailboat at Anchor

" Toward night we opened the NW point and discovered the island named by Dolphin's people, York and called by the natives Eimayo."

Sydney Parkinson about the island of Moorea, 1769

Mt. Tohiea::Moorea, French Polynesia::
Mt. Tohiea
Palm Tree by the Water::Moorea, French Polynesia::
Palm Tree by the Water
Moorea Dusk::Moorea, French Polynesia::
Moorea Dusk
Church with a View::Moorea, French Polynesia::
Church with a View
Church at Haapiti::Moorea, French Polynesia::
Church at Haapiti
Palm Tree Grove::Moorea, French Polynesia::
Palm Tree Grove

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