Moszna Castle

Moszna Castle #2::Moszna, Poland::
Moszna Castle #2
Moszna Castle #1::Moszna, Poland::
Moszna Castle #1
View from the Tower::Moszna, Poland::
View from the Tower

The Moszna Castle in Upper Silesia, previously Germany, now territory of Poland has an impressive appearance. Tiele-Winckler, the Silesian family of industrial magnates built their residence in the end of the 19th and the early 20th centuries. The building contains three different architectural styles. The oldest part is the baroque palace in the center of the structure. One of two wings added later is the neo-Gothic and the other in Neo-Renaissance style. In 1945, the family left their palace, for fear of the advancing Red Army. After the war, the Russians occupied the building for several years, destroying the interior, burning a whole library and pillaging anything possible.

The Chapel Door::Moszna, Poland::
The Chapel Door
The Count's office::Moszna, Poland::
The Count's office
The Stairway::Moszna, Poland::
The Stairway
The Door Detail::Moszna, Poland::
The Door Detail

The Moszna complex contained stables for 100 horses, but Soviets who stayed there decided to keep their animals in the castle's chapel in order to profane that place.

The Balcony::Moszna, Poland::
The Balcony
The Facade Detail::Moszna, Poland::
The Facade Detail
The Garden::Moszna, Poland::
The Garden

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