North Maine

The northern part of Maine has no public roads. This area called North Maine Woods is owned by logging companies. There are thousands of acres of virgin forest and a small network of private roads maintained by logging companies. Roads in the area are gravel, or just ordinary forest tracts. Traditional maps do cover this area and access here requires a permit.

This is God's country ...::Maine, United States::
This is God's country ...
Attention Moose::Maine, United States::
Attention Moose
Moose in the water::Maine, United States::
Moose in the water
Fort Kent Blockhouse #2::Maine, United States::
Fort Kent Blockhouse #2
Camp in the woods::Maine, United States::
Camp in the woods
Another road in Maine woods::Maine, United States::
Another road in Maine woods
Inflating punctured tire::Maine, United States::
Inflating punctured tire

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