Northern Newfoundland

Parson's Point Village::Newfoundland, Canada::
Parson's Point Village
Parson's Point Fishing Boats::Newfoundland, Canada::
Parson's Point Fishing Boats
New and Old Lobster Pots::Newfoundland, Canada::
New and Old Lobster Pots
Iceberg with Flat Surface::Newfoundland, Canada::
Iceberg with Flat Surface
Fishing House::Newfoundland, Canada::
Fishing House
Red House with the Barrel::Newfoundland, Canada::
Red House with the Barrel

Primarily small and quiet old fishing villages are all what can be found in the northernmost part of the island of Newfoundland. However, fish is caught rarely today. Due to overfishing and the ban on cod fishing many of these places become deserted. A new generation has to find a job in other parts of Canada. In summer, this region is an excellent place to watch the big mountains of ice flowing slowly from the west coast of Greenland. The waters east of Newfoundland and Labrador are known as "Iceberg Alley".

Still Water::Newfoundland, Canada::
Still Water
Fishing Boat::Newfoundland, Canada::
Fishing Boat
Clear Water::Newfoundland, Canada::
Clear Water
Splitting Table::Newfoundland, Canada::
Splitting Table
Iceberg::Newfoundland, Canada::
Lobster Pots at Sunset::Newfoundland, Canada::
Lobster Pots at Sunset

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