Anse Vata Bay::Noumea, New Caledonia, South Pacific:: Anse Vata Bay Noumea Aerial View::New Caledonia, South Pacific:: Noumea Aerial View

This cosmopolitan French-Pacific capital of New Caledonia is a complete contrast to other cities in Oceania. Nouméa is one of the most rapidly growing cities in the region. With its mostly French population it is also a contrast to the rest of this French territory, populated by Melanesian inhabitants called Kanaks. This town has several French-style cafés, boutiques and quite good bus transportation (based on European model). Noumea feels like a seaside metropolis somewhere in Europe. In reality there is nothing interesting in this city, with exception of Centrum Tjibaou, which is a unique modern architectural monument.

Amedee Lighthouse::New Caledonia, South Pacific:: Amedee Lighthouse Wing Island::New Caledonia, South Pacific:: Wing Island Sunset in Noumea::New Caledonia, South Pacific:: Sunset in Noumea

travel tip: The South Pacific feeling. Nouméa is a European city. Do not waste too much time staying here. Visit smaller island like Ile des Pines in the south, an isle that can give you a real South Pacific feeling.