Skiing in Colorado

Gore Range, the View from Vail::Vail, Colorado United States::
Gore Range, the View from Vail

The Colorado Rocky Mountains have many ski areas. The biggest is Vail, but the most know is Aspen.

Vail did not exist until 1960’s; today it is complete resort with the largest skiable area in the United States. It combines several mountains and many acres of backcountry skiing. Unfortunately it often becomes overcrowded because of its growing popularity.

Colorado Rockies::Vail, Colorado United States::
Colorado Rockies
China Bowl::Vail, Colorado United States::
China Bowl
Down the Inner Mongolia Bowl::Vail, Colorado United States::
Down the Inner Mongolia Bowl
Skier at Champagne Glade::Vail, Colorado United States::
Skier at Champagne Glade
Elk Monument::Vail, Colorado United States::
Elk Monument
Down the Siberia Bowl::Vail, Colorado United States::
Down the Siberia Bowl

Aspen is old mining village that become a ski town right after WWII. Ask anyone to name a ski resort in the United States and most likely Aspen will one of them. This town is known as the upscale place visited by rich and famous, but skiing in this area is also one of the best. The Aspen Mountain has a steep face right of the town, vertical drop is almost 1000m/ 3300 ft. The most important is that this mountain has the terrain without any beginner’s trails and absolutely no lines. This is skiing without limits; simply ski here as much as you can!

Silver Queen Gondola::Aspen, Colorado United States::
Silver Queen Gondola
Down the Aspen Mountain::Aspen, Colorado United States::
Down the Aspen Mountain
City of Aspen::Aspen, Colorado United States::
City of Aspen
Aspen Mountain Glades::Aspen, Colorado United States::
Aspen Mountain Glades
St. Regis Hotel::Aspen, Colorado United States::
St. Regis Hotel
Galena St.::Aspen, Colorado United States::
Galena St.

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