Southern Labrador

Fishing Nets on the Shore::Labrador, Canada::
Fishing Nets on the Shore
Knife Stuck into the Table::Labrador, Canada::
Knife Stuck into the Table
The Bernier's Wreck::Labrador, Canada::
The Bernier's Wreck

The population of southern Labrador (Atlatic Canada) is located in the fishing villages along the coast of the Strait of Belle Isle and the Labrador Sea. Once an important and rich area of cod fishing, today it is only a sleepy region facing a challenge of the economic survival. However, you can find there some interesting places. On my journey, I visited L'Anse Amour, burial place from 7500 years ago. It is reportedly the oldest known grave in North America. In southern Labrador it is not difficult to find whales, dolphins, shipwrecks as well as enjoy the beauty of the icebergs. But most interesting is the Battle Harbour Island with restored old fishing village.

Ancient Indian Burial Site::Labrador, Canada::
Ancient Indian Burial Site
Red Bay Waterfront::Labrador, Canada::
Red Bay Waterfront
Red Red Bay Village::Labrador, Canada::
Red Bay Village
Red Bay with Organ's Island::Labrador, Canada::
Red Bay with Organ's Island

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