Szymbark Castle::Szymbark, Poland::
Szymbark Castle
The East Wing #1::Szymbark, Poland::
The East Wing #1
The Tower::Szymbark, Poland::
The Tower

This is a castle dating from the 14th century. The rich rector of the Pomezian Chapter initiated the construction of Szymbark Castle (Poland). During many years of wars between Poland and the Teutonic Knights, fortress changed hands and was held by one or the other side. After the Prussian Tribute, at the time of secularization, it was in the hands of the Order. Fortress changed his owner many times, up to the beginning of the eighteenth century, when it became the property of the von Fickenstein family. Over the years, the castle was rebuilt, taking on the character of the Baroque palace. However, in the 19th century owners restored the fortifications original medieval appearance. So found it the Second World War. The Soviet Army started to occupy the property in 1945, later to burn all the housing units, together with all they were not able to rob. Only the ruins are left that we can see today.

The Wall::Szymbark, Poland::
The Wall
Turret::Szymbark, Poland::
The East Wing ::Szymbark, Poland::
The East Wing #2
Toilette::Szymbark, Poland::

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