Thousand Islands

Small Lighthouse::New York State, United States::
Small Lighthouse
Alexandria Bay::New York State, United States::
Alexandria Bay
Dark Island::New York State, United States::
Dark Island

Islands, islands and still more islands. The Thousand Islands region on Saint Lawrence River (divided between Canada and United States) is actually as someone counted 1,865 islands. The Indians who inhabited this region before the colonists arrived called it "The Garden of the Great Spirit". There are all sorts of islands, ranging in size from big, occupied by family houses to very small. One tree, 2.5 m2 /27 sq. ft. of land that is above water level for the whole year are the requirements for the island to be recognized as such.

Heart Island::New York State, United States::
Heart Island
Singer Castle
Singer Castle
Boldt Castle
Boldt Castle

The most famous islands in the region are adorned with masonry "castles" built over 100 years ago. Dark Island Castle was inspired by novel of Scottish writer. Castle on Heart Island is a huge structure built as a gift of love.

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