Vancouver Island

Gulf Islands::Vancouver Island, Canada::
Gulf Islands
Victoria Inner Harbour::Vancouver Island, Canada::
Victoria Inner Harbour
Parliament Building in Victoria::Vancouver Island, Canada::
Parliament Building in Victoria
Totem Pole in Port Renfrew::Vancouver Island, Canada::
Totem Pole in Port Renfrew

Victoria, the capital city of BC, Canada located is on Vancouver Island. Neither Victoria nor Vancouver Island should be confused with city of Vancouver, which is not situated on this island but on British Columbia mainland.

Vancouver Island gives many opportunities to spend time in the wild: temperate rain forest, the mountains and long Pacific shore.

Botanical Beach::Vancouver Island, Canada::
Botanical Beach
Driftwood in Botanical Beach::Vancouver Island, Canada::
Driftwood in Botanical Beach
Tide Pool::Vancouver Island, Canada::
Tide Pool
Juan de Fuca Marine Trail #1::Vancouver Island, Canada::
Juan de Fuca Marine Trail #1
Sombrio Suspension Bridge::Vancouver Island, Canada::
Sombrio Suspension Bridge
Surfer at Sombrio Beach::Vancouver Island, Canada::
Surfer at Sombrio Beach
Surfing in Strait of Juan de Fuca::Vancouver Island, Canada::
Surfing in Strait of Juan de Fuca
Juan de Fuca Marine Trail #2::Vancouver Island, Canada::
Juan de Fuca Marine Trail #2
Old growth::Vancouver Island, Canada::
Old growth

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