Winterthur Mension::Winterthur, Delaware, United States::
Winterthur Mension
Side Entrance::Winterthur, Delaware, United States::
Side Entrance
Park Entrance::Winterthur, Delaware, United States::
Park Entrance
Interior::Winterthur, Delaware, United States::
Vase::Winterthur, Delaware, United States::
Chinese Wallpaper::Winterthur, Delaware, United States::
Chinese Wallpaper
Stairway::Winterthur, Delaware, United States::

Nested in the northern Delaware, Winterthur mansion belongs to one of the richest families in America. Over the years, du Pont family expanded their home starting from the 12-room house, and ending with 175 room, eight-story high mansion. The grounds around are naturalistic gardens, where no shaped shrubs and trees are to be found, but all the growing plants naturally blend creating a feeling of a virgin forest. Henry Francis du Pont transformed his house into a museum and library opening it to the public in 1951. Galleries in Winterthur focus on American decorative arts of eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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