Audiovisual Presentation

Photo slideshow can be more than a display of a series of pictures. Slideshow as dynamic, audiovisual presentation is placed between photography and film. The classical way of presenting artistic slideshows required two or more slide projectors, together with synchronized sound. In the digital slideshows, similar results are obtained when mounting the images and sound using computer programs. The modern way to present artistic slideshows is by using a digital projector, or simply a computer.

Easter Island: the fall of civilization
duration: 3:10

Easter Island the fall of civilization::video duration: 3:10::

Easter Island is famous for its giant stone statues in human forms called moai. Relatively primitive culture was able to produce roughly 900 of them, carved and raised without usage of metal tools. We are still not sure why so many monoliths were carved and moved to the sacred platforms scattered around the whole island? Why so many of them remain unfinished and abandoned at the quarry? Why most of the statues on the platforms look inland? Why all the moai were finally toppled?

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