Needles in Canyonlands::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: Needles in Canyonlands High Rock Formations #3::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: High Rock Formations #3 In Chesler Park::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: In Chesler Park

At the crack entrance::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: At the crack entrance Rock Art - Palms::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: Rock Art - Palms Corridor #2::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: Corridor #2

Canyonlands National Park (Utah, USA) is known for its colorful rock formations, unique landscapes, and primarily for the infinite horizon. In addition to hiking, one can also travel off-road by the 4x4 vehicle. Especially in summer, when temperatures often exceed 40 C / 100 F, this is the place where you can enjoy the unique nature in absolute seclusion. As soon as the paved road ends, you have to rely only on yourself. Away from the crowds so frequent in other national parks of the western part of the USA, it is not difficult to find a place in Canyonlands, where you can be completely alone for many days.

4x4 trail in Needles District::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: 4x4 trail in Needles District Travelling on the canyon cliff::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: Travelling on the canyon cliff
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Shafer Trail  #2::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: Shafer Trail #2
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Shafer Trail  #1::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: Shafer Trail #1

Gooseberry Canyon::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: Gooseberry Canyon Whilhite Slot Canyon::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: Whilhite Slot Canyon Camping on the Plateau::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: Camping on the Plateau

Brown Cliffs::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: Brown Cliffs Endless Canyons::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: Endless Canyons Soda Spring Basin::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: Soda Spring Basin

Buck Canyon::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: Buck Canyon
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Green River::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: Green River Potato Bottom::Canyonlands, Utah, USA:: Potato Bottom
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