Casa Grande

Casa Grande (the Great House in Spanish) is the remains of Ancient Indian village near Coolidge, Arizona. Abandoned long before first Europeans arrived, the main structure build of caliche (a concrete-like mix of sand, clay, and limestone) managed to survive to these days, at least partly.

The Glass Pyramid::Casa Grande, Arizona, USA:: Casa Grande Building

Casa Grande was actually a large village with central plaza and walled compounds. It was built by the Ancestral Indians of Sonoran Desert. The impressive, a few stories high the Great House still remains mysterious in many ways. Its walls face four cardinal points of the compass. Some holes in the walls align with the setting of the sun at summer solstice and with other sun and moon settings at specific times. That information was probably used to plan sowing and harvesting. Farming played an important role in the lives of the Ancestral People of this region; the Casa Grande settlement was surrounded by the network of irrigation canals.

The Great House::Casa Grande, Arizona, USA:: The Great House Upper Floor::Casa Grande, Arizona, USA:: Upper Floor Caliche Doorway::Casa Grande, Arizona, USA:: Caliche Doorway