Fallingwater Typical View::Fallingwater, Pennsylvania, United States::
Fallingwater Typical View
Sculpture by the Stream::Fallingwater, Pennsylvania, United States::
Sculpture by the Stream

House called Fallingwater in Pennsylvania was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1930’s. Its unusual location and architectural style that still looks modern, make this building to be the most famous of all private houses in the United States. It is well known for its harmony with nature. Boulders found on site were left untouched in the living room; active waterfall flows beneath the house. Wright’s idea was to create an illusion of rooms bigger that they are in reality. To accomplish this he added many terraces, invisible conversion between the inside and outside of the house and allowed natural light to penetrate the living space. Actually, house has a low ceiling; rooms and hallways are small and narrow. It all just proves the Wright’s flair for design and architecture.

Stream Beneath the House::Fallingwater, Pennsylvania, United States::
Stream Beneath the House
Passageway in Fallingwater::Fallingwater, Pennsylvania, United States::
Passageway in Fallingwater
Fallingwater Side View::Fallingwater, Pennsylvania, United States::
Fallingwater Side View

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